Welcome to Our Dojo

the preeminent school for Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate in New York!

The home of the USA Headquarters of the Kenkojuku Association;
Classes are personally instructed by Sensei Masakazu Takahashi,
8th Degree Black Belt.

All Shotokan Styles welcome - Come in and try a class.

Great for Children, Adults, & Seniors.

Back to School Special - Get ready for the Fall Season and begin Karate training now! To help you get started, all begining students will receive one week free trial of lessons. So make that decision to get into the Dojo. See more info

Mid-Day Offer - One week of Free Trial Lessons. Come in for the noon class on Monday, Wednsday, and Friday and train with Sensei Takahashi for free! Open to everyone, beginers welcome.

Special Return-to-the-Dojo Classes Starting Now! - Haven't been to the Dojo in a while? Then our new 6:15pm Thursday night refresher class is for you. Brush up on your Kata in a low pressure environment with personalized attention. Open to all former students of any age. So dust off that Gi and re-awaken that spirit that has been restlessly dormant. Get back in the Dojo!

Dojo News

Dojo Meeting Minutes 11/18/2015 Permalink (November 2015)

Dojo Captain

Congratulations to the new Dojo Captain Charles J. and Co-Captain Demos S.! They will be the new leaders for 2016.

Holiday Party

The Dojo Holiday party will be on Dec 11th at 7:30pm in the Dojo. Please let us know what you will be bringing on the sign-up sheet. The Children’s party will be on the same day from 5:00pm - 6:00pm. NOTE: Parents, please pick your children up at 6:00pm sharp.


Two of our students, Charles J. and David N., reached a special milestone with their promotion to Rokudan (6th degree Black Belt) this month. Congratulation to them on this achievement after many years of dedication.

Dojo Photo

The Dojo Photo taken before this meeting will be made available shortly.

Japan Trip

We planning a trip to Japan for July 2016. The main purpose is to train in the Kenkojuku Dojo in Hachioji, and we will also travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hokkaido. The tentative dates are July 1st thru 10th. We need to have some idea of how many people will be traveling, so if you are interested please speak to the Dojo Captain.

Email Notifications

If you have not been receiving email messages from the Dojo, please give your email address to the Dojo Captain. It is important that we can notify you in case of urgent matters.


Follow Takahashi Dojo on Twitter Permalink (December 2014)

The Takahashi Dojo is now on twitter!
You can get up to the minute announcements of what's happening at the Dojo by following us.


Iaido comes to the Dojo Permalink (November 2014)

Sensei Takahashi is proud to announce the addition of Iaido training at our Dojo.

The classes are taught by Sensei Art McConnell from the Tozai Sword School on Tuesday nights at 7:15-9:00pm.

Initially, we will concentrate on basics using bokken (with saya) and then move into training with swords.

Note: No "live" blades will be allowed in class. Also, if you purchase a sword on your own, please make sure it is made for Iaido as many decorative blades are not strong enough to stand up to training techniques and may injure you or others.


  • Sensei Takahashi's Students: $15 per class (initiation: 3 classes @ $20 ea.)
  • Outside Martial Arts Students: $20 per class (initiation: 3 classes paid up front)


  • Initially:
    • Bokken with Tsuba (guard).
    • Wooden Sword and Saya (scabbard).
    • Karate Gi
  • Later:
    • Iaito - Katana made for Iaido - Not sharp
    • Hakama and Iaido Gi
    • Knee pads/protectors

Art McConnell, Godan, began training in Shotokan Karate in 1961 and Iaido in 1964. His teachers have included Sensei Slocum, Sensei Miyazaki, and Sensei Takahashi. In 1971 he was privileged to train with Sensei Okano in Hachioji, Japan. Sensei McConnell established the Tozai Sword School in 1971 where he taught both Shotokan Kenkojuku Karate-Do and Iaido. His Iaido teachers included Sensei Slocum, Sensei Otani, Sensei Mitsuzuka, and Sensei Yahagi.

If you have any questions you can contact Sensei McConnell directly. Art McConnell - http://tozaiswordschool.com - 516-707-2051

If you are interested in Iaido training you will need a bokken to start.